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       "Creation of the image database of articles on art on the base of the archive stock of the RSAL theatre press"

 The stock of the Russian State Art library comprises the unique archive stock of newspaper materials. Its main peculiarity consists in the fact that the articles were collected by name, problem, subject and topic principles. It gives an opportunity of servicing readers in such a way, that they get ready selections of newspaper texts according to their enquiries.

 Newspaper articles about theatres of the twenties are of particular value, including materials about non-functioning theatres (ATairov Chamber theatre, State Jewish theatre GOSET, MejerholdState theatre, etc.), unique newspaper reviews of original productions of plays which became the home classics.

 The Russian State Art library is working on the project “The creation of the image database of articles on art on the base of the archive stock of the RSAL theatre press”. Its main objects are to develop the stock electronic version for preservation and availability of the documents and reduction of the book depositary area, to widen readers’ service forms, to go on publishing library information aids.

 In 2002, this project was approved in the experimental mode, whereupon the DB “Newspaper articles on arts” began developing. To the beginning of 2007, its capacity was 100,000 records. The Data Base provides both simple and complex search by 7 search fields, scan of the graphic image of press clippings, its reduction and enlargement.

 All the data and special software are concentrated on the server; Microsoft Internet Explorer is used as a client on workstations.

 Being digitized the original material is withdrawn from circulation and passes into the archived file. In that way, the preservation of the unique stock of press clippings, which has no analogue in the state libraries, is provided.

 The information resource is being developed now. It is of interest for culture and science institutions of both federal and regional levels.

 The readers are serviced in computer-aided mode, which speeds up the whole process of selecting information requested.