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On 24-25 November, the 14th International Scientific Readings “The Theatre Book Between the Past and the Future”

The conference will be held in a combination of offline and online formats.

This year the theme of the Readings is “Literature on the Theatre Stage”.

Among the issues proposed for consideration are:

• The history of the performance of plays based on literary works;

• Features of the stage performances of classical and contemporary works;

• Dramaturgical and directorial methods of staging contemporary works;

• Scenographic solutions;

• The history of reviewing plays based on works of literature;

• Spectator reception;

• Plays based on literary works in the collections of archives, libraries, and museums;

• The history of the publication of plays based on literary works; and

• Information and bibliographic resources.

Theatre experts; literary and theatre critics; philologists, playwrights, directors; employees of libraries, museums, archives, and institutes; culturologists; historians; publishers; and other specialists are invited to participate. A collection of articles based on the conference results will be published.